Australian Alumni of Fudan Association Limited

Australian Alumni Association of Fudan University (AAAFU) is an Australia-registerred, not-for-profit organization.  Our mission is to facilitate connection among our alumni living and working in Australia; and to nurture friendship with one another through various network opportunities.  AAAFU also provides a platform for our alumni to stay connected with our Alma Mater.

Inspired by the spirit of Fudan and with its strong force of elite graduates who have now established their careers in many professions, AAAFU is committed in advancing cultural exchange, education, science, technologies, trade and business between Australia and China.

日月光华,旦复旦兮– Brilliant is the light of sun and moon; after a night a day dawns again”.  Fudan University, our Alma Mater, takes the timeless essence of sun, moon, earth, and heaven, and thrives on the culmination of the intelligence of human civilization, proudly bred generations after generations of Fudan-ers. Let us alumi, who made Australia our second home, treasure our friendship abroad, and create a brighter future for each one of us.