Interest Group

The Alumni Committee strives to organize various interest groups to enrich the leisure life of alumni.

Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting

So many skills are all exquisite, just can’t find friends with similar interests? Don’t worry, we have a lot, so we don’t need to burn the piano to cook wine.

Please send email to( the related wechat group.


After the epidemic, did you feel heavier again? Inadvertently got an extra jaw? Don’t worry, we have all kinds of ball sports, including but not limited to badminton, football, table tennis, and light volleyball. There is always at least one option fit for you. You can talk about life with your friends while sweating, what a happy game!

Please send email to( the related wechat group (You families are welcome to join too).

Lunch in City

Do you often feel that you don’t know where to eat who work in urban areas? Eating is a tough question every day. We have a lot of alumni working in the city, often gathering during lunch time to have lunch together, gossip, finance, current affairs, parenting, fitness… there is always something you are interested in!

Please send email to( the related wechat group.