Australia Alumni of Fudan Association Inc. (AAAFU) was established and officially registered in Australia on the 4th of January 2001.  On the 28th of January 2001, AAAFU held its Grand inaugural ceremony in Sydney. Vice Chancellor of Fudan University, Mr. Weiping Wang (王为平), and Professor Guoqing Ke (柯国庆) made a special visit to Sydney to attend the opening ceremony along with close to 150 alumni and distinguished guests. AAAFU was vey privileged to celebrate this special occasion with VIPs from the field of social science, science and technology, education, representatives from other Australian alumni associations, government officials and Chinese Embassy, including the following distinguished guests.

  • Mr. Zhihong Liao (廖志洪) – Republic of China Consul General in Sydney
  • Mr. Zhenping Li (李振平)  – the Counsellor on behalf of the Chinese Ambassador to Australia
  • Mr. Youlong Zeng (曾筱龙) – the NSW Upper House Member on behalf of NSW Premier Bob Carr
  • Ms Huixia He Shen (何沈慧霞) – Vice-Chairman for NSW House of Lords
  • Ms Judith Kinnear – Vice Chancellor University of Sydney

The Opening ceremony no doubt has left a lasting fond memory for those who attended.

Serving Our Alumni

Since its establishment, the Australian Alumni Association of Fudan University regularly organized variety of activities for our alumni, including art performance, harbour cruise, picnic, BBQ, and get-togethers in local areas and in national parks. These activities helped facilitate connection and friendship among our Australian alumni.

AAAFU also has strong connection with other Australian alumni associations such as those from Qinghua University, Beijing University, Jiaotong University, Xiamen University, Beijing Institute of Aeronautics, University of International Business and Economy, and etc.  AAAFU actively supports the Sydney Professionals’ Chinese New Year Party Preparation Committee to host the annual celebration of Chinese New Year Eve Party.  During the last eight years, this annual event had attracted hundreds of Chinese professionals in art, science, engineer, education and many other fields to jointly celebrate the traditional Chinese festival.

AAAFU maintains close contact with Fudan University, our Alma Mater, and has hosted receptions for visitors from Fudan.  Representatives from AAAFU also attended the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Fudan University; the inaugural ceremony of Fudan University Alumni; and the biannual meeting for Fudan University Alumni around the world.  Although living abroad, Fudan Australian alumni, still have fond memories of the excellence in education by our Alma Mater.

AAAFU also provides our Australian alumni with AAAFU Alumni Contact Book, Newsletter and online Group Forum, to further enhance communication and friendship.

The Future

Currently there are two divisions of the Australian Alumni Association of Fudan University, located in Sydney and Melbourne. As more and more new alumni come to live and work in Australia, we hope to expand our association and reach out to more people.